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Push Pin magnet 25x30mm, Metal, Nickel

Size: 25x30mm, Coating: Nickel, Holding force (A4 sheets): 25pcs

Price: 3,72 €
Price without VAT: 3,05 €
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Rod magnet 10x150mm, AlNiCo magnet

Coating: red and blue paint, Material: AlNiCo, Shape: cylinder

Price: 10,85 €
Price without VAT: 8,89 €
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Rubber coated magnet, Disc SK-40M, Black

Size: 43x6mm, Type: Mounting magnet, Coating: Rubber (black), Pull Force: 8.50kg

Price: 6,89 €
Price without VAT: 5,65 €
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Rubber coated magnet, Disc VK-60M, Black

Size: 66x8.5mm, Type: Mounting magnet, Coating: Rubber (black), Pull Force: 18.0kg

Price: 8,87 €
Price without VAT: 7,27 €
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Self-Adhesive Neodymium Magnet Block 15x10x1.5mm

Coating: nickel / adhesive side, Working Temperature: 60℃, Pull Force: 1.60kg

Price: 0,60 €
Price without VAT: 0,49 €
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Side of magnet:

Sew-in magnet 20x2mm, With pvc coating, Square

Size: Magnet 20x2mm (pvc cover 35x35mm), Clear pvc coating, Sew-in, Waterproof

Price: 1,88 €
Price without VAT: 1,54 €
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SmCo magnet Disc 6x3mm YXG30

Coating: uncoated, Grade: YXG30, Working Temp.: 300C, Pull Force: 1.0kg

Price: 0,71 €
Price without VAT: 0,58 €
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Student Driver sign plastic

Driving training plastic sign for better durability

Price: 1,05 €
Price without VAT: 0,86 €
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Welding magnet Multi Angle On/Off 140

Detail holding angle 45°/60°/75°/90°/105°/120°/135°. Can be switched on/off

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Price before: 98,75 €
Price without VAT:
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AlNiCo magnet Cylinder 8x20mm, Alnico5

Coating: uncoated, Grade: Alnico5, Working Temp.: 500℃, Pull Force: 0.52kg

Price: 1,71 €
Price without VAT: 1,40 €
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